Share an Item or Routine

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Share an Item or Routine with a friend, guest or vendor.

Steps to add a LiveKey Share: 

Step 1: Login to LiveKey

Step 2: If you are not already on the screen labeled 'Your Items' you can switch to 'Your Items' from Menu->Your Items


Step 3: Select an Item and then select 'LiveKey Shares'


Step 4: Select 'New Share'


Step 4: Enter the email for the person you wish to share the Item with and set any conditions or notifications you would like to add to the 'Share'



Step 4: LiveKey will automatically send a Share request to the selected user and offer them the ability to 'accept or decline' your share.  Your share list will update to show the status of the share.


More information on Sharing

More Information on the LiveKey Beam ( in beta, send a request to if you wish to participate in the beta.

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