Alexa and LiveKey

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Instructions for getting started with the Alexa Smart Home Skill for LiveKey.  The skill is called LiveKey.


Step 1:  Enable the LiveKey Alexa Home Skill  

Search for “LiveKey” in the Alexa app or select this link to the Alexa Skills Store.


  1. Click the Enable Skill button
  2. Enter your LiveKey login credentials when prompted (note: you may be presented with a SimpleCommands login screen but that's ok.  You can use your LiveKey credentials and login.

You can now configure your LiveKey Items and Routines to work with Alexa!

Step 2:  Select a LiveKey Item or Routine


Step 3: Select Alexa - Disabled for the selected Item, or Routine


Step 4: Select Enable Alexa Control


Step 5: Ask Alexa to 'discover devices'

Step 6: Open the Alexa app and navigate to 'Devices' (in the bottom tool bar)

Step 7: Select Scenes from the Alexa app


Step 8: Select one of the newly discovered scenes and edit its name to the phrase you wish to use when asking Alexa to execute a command on your LiveKey item.

When asking Alexa to execute a scene you need to phrase your request by saying, "Alexa, turn on [scene name]", or "Alexa, start [scene name]".

Alternatively you can create an Alexa routine and add one or more of your discovered LiveKey scenes as the action of the Alexa routine.  Then you can just say 'Alexa' [routine name]".  In addition you can add more than one LiveKey actions to an Alexa routine.


Keeping in Sync

Whenever you adjust your 'Voice Action' settings in the LiveKey app be sure to re-run Discovery on your Alexa Device.  Simply say “Alexa, discover devices,” and the LiveKey platform and the Amazon Alexa platform with synchronize your items and routines.

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  • This does not work. I get an Internal server error when Alexa tries to connect the skill.