Getting Started with your new LiveKey Beam

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Step 1 - Connecting your Beam to your account: Done! When you receive your Beam it will already be associated with your LiveKey account.

Step 2 - Plugging in your Beam: Plug in your Beam somewhere near where you expect it to be used. Maybe this is near your front door or your garage. When you plug it in you should hear a click and the light should turn blue. Remember the Beam can still be used as a regular outlet.

Step 3 - Testing your Beam: Open the LiveKey app and go to the Manage Beams page. You should see your Beam and if you are nearby there should be a green circle showing that it is both active and in range.

Step 4 - Creating a share: To learn more about LiveKey see the "What is a Shared LiveKey" page. Now any share you create will require Beam security which means recipients of your shares must be in range of your Beam to use the shared device.

Step 5 - Enabling/Disabling your Beam: The button on the side of your Beam can be used to enable and disable its functionality. When the blue light is on the Beam is enabled and when it is off the Beam is disabled. When your Beam is disabled all of your LiveKey shares will be disabled as well since they will not be able to use your Beams proximity validation.

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