What is a LiveKey Beam?

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At the heart of the LiveKey system is the LiveKey Beam.  The LiveKey Beam is a hardware device that can be used to enforce proximity based secure access to your Shared LiveKey's.  The Beam is a Bluetooth Low Energy device that you can plug into any wall socket to use.  The device has a pass through outlet so you wont need to worry about tying up the outlet.  The Beam generates a secure code on demand.  This code has an approximate lifespan of 2 minutes before it needs to be renewed.  The code is produced in response to a request from the LiveKey app.  Whenever a Shared Key is used the LiveKey app will request a new code from the LiveKey Beam.  This code is sent along with the request ( i.e. disarm alarm, unlock door...) to take action on a device.  The user must be within the proximity range of the LiveKey Beam to successfully acquire a code from the device.  There is no user interaction necessary with the beam.  The transaction request and transmission of the hash is all transparent to the user.

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