Home and Away Actions

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New to LiveKey are Home and Away Actions.

Home and Away Actions can be controlled in a variety of ways:

-Control in the LiveKey app by selecting 'Set Home' or 'Set Away'

-Geo Control (when enabled) will Automatically Set your Home/Away status when you arrive or depart your set location

-Control with Siri/Shortcuts, specific Home/Away shortcuts are included with the LiveKey App

Steps to add a LiveKey Home/Away Actions: 

Step 1: Login to LiveKey

Step 2: Select Status Home/Away from the top of your items list.


Step 3: Then select 'Home Actions' or 'Away Actions'


Step 4: Select one or more item for 'Home Actions' and  'Away Actions'.


Learn learn more about GeoFence control types and other proximity options here.


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