Conditional Geo Control: Time-of-Day or CarPlay Status

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One of the issues with GeoFencing is the battery drain.  LiveKey supports conditional Geo/Proximity control that can be automatically enabled or disabled based on the Time-of-Day or CarPlay status.

Note:  You should leave Geo Control disabled in the LiveKey app.  These Automation will control the Enable/Disable actions automatically.

You can setup both these options in the Shortcuts App on your iOS device. 

Step 1. In the Shortcuts App Select Automations from the footer menu.

Step 2. Add a new Automation and Select 'Create Personal Automation'

Step 3. Select either 'Time of Day' or 'CarPlay'

Step 4. Select 'Add Action'

Step 5. Select 'Apps' from the Categories/Apps Slider

Step 6. Select 'LiveKey' from the Apps List

Step 7. Select 'Proximity Active' to enable Geo Control or Proximity Inactive to disable Geo Control



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