Proximity/Geo Control - Types and Options

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LiveKey Support three types of proximity control.


You can optionally enable/disable your select proximity control type based on time-of-day and/or CarPlay Status.


GPS Proximity Control uses geofencing to control your home and away status. Set your radius around your desired location and your phones GPS will be used to determine if you are home and away and run commands accordingly.

LiveKey Beam Control uses a device known as a LiveKey Beam to control your home and away status. Wherever your Beam is plugged in will act as “home” and your phone will use bluetooth to try and find the Beam to determine if you are home or away.

LiveKey Beam / GPS Control uses a combination of your phones GPS and your LiveKey Beam to determine home and away status. GPS is only used when “away” is set in case of bluetooth signal interruption.


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